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The UTILEVĀ® range of affordable forklift trucks delivers reliable and cost-effective materials handling solutions for applications across many industries, particularly where users require equipment without advanced functionality or attachments.

Utility you can trust

UTILEV trucks deliver a no-nonsense, uncomplicated approach to materials handling, offering a range of IC counterbalance forklift trucks, which are designed meet the needs of light to medium duty operating environments. If you require a solution which will reliably meet your productivity targets, while keeping your operating costs low, then look no further than the UTILEV range.

Simple to use, easy to maintain and affordable to own. UTILEV - Utility you can trust.

Simple to Use

The ergonomically designed operator compartment, with a familiar automotive layout means that drivers will be able to work comfortably, preventing tiredness during handling operations.

A range of standard features and options help to ensure that the truck is configured to the needs of the application.

Easy to Maintain

UTILEV trucks have been designed to be easy to service and maintain with a focus on minimising both service time and costs.

Thanks to the simplicity of the components and specification, servicing can be carried out quickly and easily, even when PCs, laptops or diagnostic tools are not available.

Affordable to Own

The use of proven, high quality, robust components, efficient filtration and excellent cooling result in reliable operation and lower wear and tear. This - together with the fast availability of cost-effective replacement parts - helps to reduce service and maintenance requirements and costs.

Dealer Network & Support

The UTILEV product range is backed by a network of independent, experienced dealers, who offer a wide range of support services to their customers. Distributors of UTILEV products are selected for their expert understanding of the requirements of a vast array of materials handling applications, and also because they appreciate the varying needs of the customer.